Breaking News (Literally): YELLOW FACE a Hit, Actor Goes Down (Temporarily) and Artistic Director plays DHH’s Father for One Night Only!

Memo From: Theater J Production Department
Sent To: Theater J Council
Subject: Yikes and Hurray!

The actor playing David Henry Hwang’s Father, Al Twanmo, slipped on black ice coming home from our triumphant opening night, broke his ankle, and underwent surgery at Suburban Hospital yesterday getting a plate screwed into his ankle.  1800245_10152197540435827_1797656524_n

Our fearless leader is taking one for the team, at Yellow Face director, Natsu Onoda Power’s special request, and is going on for Al Thursday night, in the same wheel chair that Al will be returning to this weekend (we will be putting in an understudy for the rest of the run asap).

We cancelled Wednesday night’s show to restage the entire show for a wheelchair bound actor, with Ari sitting in until Al can be back on stage.
Natsu thought her job was done but she is in the theater now with the company and projections wizard, Jared Mezzocchi who has put Ari into the classic film clips, and costume designer Deb Sivigny who wisely observes that Jewish fathers and Asian fathers aren’t so different after all!

You have to see it to believe it-—he’s really good!  Tomorrow night only, Ari Roth, in his professional acting debut!

All photos (c) C. Stanley Photography

All photos (c) C. Stanley Photography

Meanwhile, wonderful notices are pouring in!