Wonderful Weekend of “Argument” Programming

This past Saturday afternoon, we had another installment of our 5 X 5 Playwrights Respond Series. Theater J invited local playwrights to respond to Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros’ provocative and timely play The Argument. Playwrights were asked to attend a performance, then write a five-minute scene inspired by the show, imagining an epilogue; a scene that takes place after the play’s final moment. Four plays written by our student subscribers, as well as four plays from the community, were chosen and read by professional and student actors following Saturday’s matinee performance. The event was free and open to the public. Over 100 were in attendance. Andra Belknap was our 5×5 line-producer. The program was as follows:

Responses to Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros’s The Argument
November 16, 2013

A Phoenix for a Fridge
by Pamela Leahigh

Sophie: Lena Winter
Phillip: Matt Dundas
Stage Directions: Pamela Leahigh

At the Clinic
by Joseph Chatham, Casey Spreen, Amie Wei & Dominique Brooks

Sophie: Casey Spreen
Phillip: Joseph Chatham
Stage Directions: Amie Wei

by Maura Claire Harford

Sophie: Maura Claire Harford
Phillip: Dane Galloway
Stage Directions: Richard Fiske

by Lisa Miller, Katy Evans, Madison McClain & Adam DesJardins

Sophie: Lisa Miller
Phillip: Katy Evans
The Therapist: Madison McClain
Stage Directions: Adam DesJardins

The Red Flag
by Dane Galloway

Sophie: Patricia Reese
Phillip: Mark Ludwick
Stage Directions: Pamela Leahigh

The Oddness of TimeSimon, Leah, Devin, Anna
by Leah List, Anna Li, Szymon Barnas & Devin Duffy

Sophie: Leah List
Phillip: Devin Duffy
The Museum Director: Szymon Barnas
Stage Directions: Pamela Leahigh

Baby Pictures
by Daphne White

Sophie: Lorrie Smith
Phillip: Frank Bliss Stage
Directions: Richard Fiske

ReconciliationKevin Asha Khayla
by Kevin Williams, Sunny Earle, Asha Grayson & Khayla Smith

Sophie: Kevin Williams
Phillip: Asha Grayson
Directions: Khayla Smith

* * *

And on Sunday November 17th’s Post Show Discussion on “Conflict Resolution in the Home”
Panelists included:
Susan Friedman, Family Law Attorney; named one of Washington’s “Top Forty” divorce lawyers by Washingtonian Magazine
Brooke Ugel, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist for Individuals and Couples
John Wimberly, Pastor and Alban Institute Field Consultant