Two New Important Reviews of “The Argument”

This is good stuff; strong stuff; the right stuff.  Brave performances.  Honest reviews.  Worth attending.

Check out  Washington Jewish Week: “In this handsome intermissionless 90-minute production, confidently directed by Theater J artistic associate Shirley Serotsky, we initially meet Sophie and Phillip (the exquisite Susan Rome and attractive James Whalen) as they proceed to frantically undress one another in the throes of a one-night stand. The amusing choreography of this opening gambit, with its lighthearted, sexy escapades belies the serious nature of what will come.”  read more here.

And this brutally, wonderfully honest review in the Washington City Paper. “I’ll confess I had been dreading sitting through “the abortion play” only to find it richly drawn and fully absorbing.”  read the full review here.