Stories From the Kitchen, Friday at 2:00

beatlesGrace here. Let’s take a quick Beatles break, shall we?

“Life is very short, and there’s no tiiiiiiime for fussing and fighting, my friend”…makes me smile every time I hear it.

So, for the past few Monday mornings, the guests of Miriam’s Kitchen and I have been talking about meaningful hellos and goodbyes. We’ve had wonderful conversations on topics ranging from different ways that different cultures greet and bid farewell,to the impact of technology on meetings and departures, to anecdotes about meaningful hellos and goodbyes from our own lives. One person spoke about saying hello to his children at their birth; another spoke of the sad goodbye of her childhood friend passing away too young. We’ve even heard stories of people who have dropped by to say Hello after their death!

This Friday, following the matinee of The Hampton Years, a fantastic team of professional actors will read the stories of Hello and Goodbye written and told by the guests over the past few weeks. The short reading will start around 2:00, and last about 20 minutes. And there will be cookies.

Do join us. It’s our third “Stories from the Kitchen” reading, and they are very lovely, warm events. It’s also my last ‘Stories from the Kitchen’ reading for some time, since I am preparing for some Hellos and Goodbyes of my own, so I would love the chance to see you.

For more about the partnership between Theater J and Miriam’s Kitchen, check out Metro Connection!

Happy Wednesday šŸ™‚