Relevance Now! RACE, The Supreme Court, and Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton

and this direct follow up from Represenative Norton’s office:

“This play is very profound, essentially because all of the characters are flawed. Twenty years ago, this play would have been perceived in a very different way. Why is it perceived this way today? The more equal you become, the more you will be seen just about like everyone else, even if there is still ingrained racism in this society. We will see the attitude in this extraordinary play reflected in policy makers, reflected in judges, reflected in the population at large. Even today, young people are far more likely to know who is a jerk than people of my age. So get ready for it.”

from Today’s front page of The New York Times

“Voting Law Decision Could Sharply Limit Scrutiny of Rules”

WASHINGTON — If the Supreme Court strikes down or otherwise guts a centerpiece of the Voting Rights Act, there will be far less scrutiny of thousands of decisions each year about redrawing district lines, moving or closing polling places, changing voting hours or imposing voter identification requirements in areas that have a history of disenfranchising minority voters, voting law experts say.

Also Awaiting a Supreme Court Decision:
Fisher v. University of Texas — The Supreme Court is going to decide whether colleges can consider race as one factor in the admissions process.  The Supreme Court is likely to do away with or severely limit affirmative action as we know it, in part because Anthony Kennedy has previously opposed affirmative action.

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Jimmy Walen and Michael Anthony Williams in RACE

Jimmy Walen and Michael Anthony Williams in RACE

Michael Anthony William, Jimmy Walen, and Leo Erickson in RACE

Michael Anthony William, Jimmy Walen, and Leo Erickson in RACE