BOGED and New Conversations

From Council Member and Theater J Programmer, Stephen Stern:

Tonight is the opening of BOGED. After having the privilege of commenting and watching the development of this work from page to rehearsal hall back and forth to page and on to stage – I’ve now had the building delight of seeing the second preview and two audience talk backs with Ari and our Israeli playwrights Boaz Gaon and Nir Erez.  The passionate drama that you’ll witness during this run, will I think be matched and deepened by the issues it raises in audiences and artists for reflection and discussion.  It’s having been produced in Hebrew in Israel during the time of 2011 tents on Rothschild Blvd and national social protest movement has had a profound impact on our English language adaptation.  This is one of the themes in the play that speaks to the fundamentals of Israeli (or any) society — and Boaz Gaon has been an insider participant with much to say about this movement.  So if providing you with a sizzling play on which he is working up to the last minute isn’t enough — I am pleased to report on opportunity Wednesday night to see and hear Boaz in an illustrated lecture on the Israeli Social Protest Movement at American University School of International Service.

Boaz Gaon finalflier

Please join us!  RSVP here to attend “The Israeli Social Protest Movement: From the Tents on Rothschild to the 2013 Elections” tomorrow, Wed., Jan. 16 with Boaz Gaon: