WOODY SEZ Closes, Tom Paxton Shines On, The Hootenanny Lives On & The Power of Singing Together

Let this be a marker for moving text to come; for great pix surely on their way; for video of us hooting, howling, baying at the moon. It was a helluva way to end a record-breaking run; two Sold-Out Sunday shows — a smashing post-show event with Folk Giant Tom Paxton, and the composer of “Woody’s Children,” Doug Mishkin, and the cast of Woody Sez.

Tom was amazing tp_color3-1 — sharing stories of growing up in Oklahoma, all of 27 miles away from Okhmah, where Woody Guthrie grew up (though Tom was born in Chicago–didn’t move to OK till he was 10).  And in discussing Woody’s legacy, we spent a good portion appreciating Pete Seeger, and how, if not for Pete, we wouldn’t have been gathered on our stage celebrating a revered Woody Guthrie.  Because it was Pete who brought Woody forward at the critical moment, and kept his music popular and alive.  It was Pete Seeger’s philosophy, as Tom summed it up in a nutshell, that said “we’re all in this together” — and he meant the business of life and politics — and music had a major role to play in galvanizing us into a sense of true community. By singing together, we can empower each other; honor each other; become a unified force of spirit.

A magical afternoon. Where we sang together Doug Mishkin’s amazingly enduring tribute song to Woody.  Please do check this out!


And a rousing closing performance followed by a jam packed hootenanny in the pre-school lobby. Couldn’t have been more full up to the gills — nor more fun. People loved it. We’ll be doing more of this, I suspect. We’ll just gotta figure out when, and how often a show; how often a month. I love these hoots. You kinda gotta be there, no? Or just wait for the youtube video. I think one’s coming! Meanwhile, hooray and hurrah! Woody Rocked!!!