Performances Added – OUR CLASS Making New Friends!

The word of mouth is off the hook; the calls come in from Capital Hill; the play takes root in the community and is being talked about and sought after and we add additional performances — like tonight — and next Tuesday, October 30 — to complement another extra performance we added to the performance schedule a few weeks back when the Washington DCJCC Board of directors approved a new policy of allowing the JCC to be open not only on shabbat, but FOR shabbat programming. The distinction is crucial. We’ll be performing–and other programs at the J will be offering events–that reflect the spirit of observing the sabbath in reflective, contemplative, relaxing and transforming ways. We get things started this weekend with a Saturday, October 27 matinee performance at 3 pm. Advance ticket sales only. I’ll be there to welcome audiences attending this historic first for us at the J, soon to be come a regular, meaningful occurrence.

We’re playing this show for as many times as we can to as many great people as possible. The VIPs are showing up every night — because for us, all of our audience are VIPS. Though a few are even more “V” than others. But we can’t tell you who. That would be DC uncouth. So you can guess. As in guess who’s coming next weekend???? Yes, right before the Big Election? Should we tell you? Should you guess? Why not? Go ahead!

And coming up Friday the 26th at 2 pm, it’s a reading of the most recent draft of THE HAMPTON YEARS by Jacqueline Lawton. We’ll be back in the theater for this reading. Can’t wait to see how the latest iteration impacts an audience. Stirring times!


One thought on “Performances Added – OUR CLASS Making New Friends!

  1. This post is regarding the reading on The Hampton Years on Friday October 26th.

    I had the opportunity to see a reading of this play that’s not due for production until late December (if I remember correctly). It’s unfortunate that I won’t be here to see the end product. On the brighter side, witnessing the development of the play and the character was very exciting.

    This was my first time at a reading of any play and so I did not know what to expect. Although the actors were simply reading their lines, you could already see the development of their character and the many possibilities to the scenes. I liked the fact that after the reading we got to do a talk back with the playwright, director, and dramaturge. The audience got the opportunity to give feedback both on the overall play and on each one of the characters.

    There was one scene that I wanted more from and that was the scene with Samella, Elizabeth, and Margaret. The three women were discussing the unfairness between the success of women and men, in particular the praise that John was receiving from Viktor. I felt, however, that this scene could have been explored more by looking at the relationship between the three women. A person in the audience mentioned that it was admirable to see Margaret be the one to bring up the issue of categorizing a group when talking with her husband Viktor. Although the scene was admirable, we really did not get to witness Margaret’s thought journey and thus it was strange to see this come from her. I think that the scene with Semella, Elizabeth, and Margaret can really help explore this side of Margaret.

    Overall, the reading was really good. Still in it’s early stages, but good nonetheless. Really enjoyed the characters Charlie and Elizabeth.

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