As BODY AWARENESS Comes To a Close, MARRIED SEX Launches a One Night Premiere!

BODY AWARENESS is playing its final performance as I write this. What a wonderful way to open the season. What a supple production. So many happy, stirred audience members. I loved being on the receiving line of so many compliments! And all I did was say YES to it! Here’s to an amazing ensemble and design team that made this production sing, sigh, scream, and celebrate the human comedy that is life with family in all its permutations. Looking forward to a wonderful toast at our party tonight.

In between the matinee and evening shows, we turned over the stage to our final Locally Grown program Extra of the month. Laura Zam was back with a new, intensified, and FULLY MEMORIZED version of her TJ-commissioned MARRIED SEX. 150+ in the audience made for an extremely receptive crowd to give back lots of laughs and love to the talented, multi-voiced performance. Shirley Serotsky was back directing this play that has, over the summer, magically sprung to life. Still a work in progress (there will no doubt be more trims and focussing), the play — now a solo performance tour de force — offers a commanding display of artistry in how Laura shapes her journey, and colors the many characters she portrays with a deft ear for dialect, and great movement as well.

There were students in the crowd as well tonight. Hearing some pretty risque material. I wonder what they thought of it all!!!!


4 thoughts on “As BODY AWARENESS Comes To a Close, MARRIED SEX Launches a One Night Premiere!

  1. Married Sex was a daring, raw, and absolutely entertaining one woman show! The play explored contemporary topics including marriage, relationships, sex, and tragedy in a brilliant comedic form. Sex is an important part of any intimate relationship. Laura (the actress) went through many different extents, from therapy to consideration of sex toys, to not only recover from a tragedy but to ultimately reach the point of comfort in sexual intimacy with her partner.

    While Body Awareness may have been a different production, I believe both plays were connected in a vital message that will continue to resonate with me: no matter what we may or may not attain in this life, we are all interconnected in a constant search of self identity and comfort in our own skin. Both plays explored in different ways the long term effects of abuse, in addition to the methods one is willing to take to get back to a comfortable state. Laura definitely had her fair share of failed relationships, but to all her exes’ surprise she was indeed married. Married Sex truly raised an important question: What does it mean to be married? After viewing this play, I believe marriage means to have a bond, a soul mate and support system. It means that you have found someone to continue this constant search with, supporting you on your findings of life, as you return the support in theirs.

    Overall, the play is a must see! It’s still very amazing to me to see one person act out an entire play with so much material and many other inner vibrant characters. Very entertaining!

    • So glad you got to see this and identified so deeply with it. I’m sure Laura Zam will be pleased too! she’s continued to work so hard on the piece, and it’s really taken another great step forward!

  2. On Sunday I watched the first one-person play of my life, and I really enjoyed it. Before I saw Married Sex, I could not imagine how one person could act out the whole play. This play showed me how one actor could portray different characters in the story by mimicking their characteristics and could lead the audiences into different scenes by using a vivid body language.

    Married Sex told a story about a 47-year-old woman Laura who newly got married. Laura suffered from sexual trauma and unsuccessful relationships before she was married and was told that “marriage destroys sex” when she entered the marriage. As a result, she reached out for help to overcome her concerns and improve her sex life from the internet, a married women focus group, and a marriage counselor. In the end, Laura was able to walk out of her childhood memory of being molested, and truly feel the strong emotional and physical connection with her husband.

    When I was listening to Laura’s story, there were three scenes that left a deep impression on me. The first one was the married women’s sex brunch. This scene showed people’s completely different attitudes towards marriage. Some people said that marriage is about cultivating the inner unioning and feeling the sacred combination. Some said that marriage destroys passion, and one needs to move out of the house and keeps a lover relationship with her husband. These people’s different views about marriages results in their different marriage outcomes. Second one was the scene that Laura traveled back to the place where she was molested, and found out that the place which used to haunt her was gone, renovated and replaced by a desk and a bookcase. She then realized that the past horrible memory probably had already past and she needed to move on to embrace a new life, and one who lived in the past would not able to see the new sunshine in life. The scene that I find the most touching is the one where Laura danced in the club and opened her eyes to see who was looking at her. To her surprise, she found that every man was looking at his wife, and the only man who was looking at her was her husband, the man who gave her love and support. That moment when they stared at each other in the eyes, they only belonged to each other.

    People say that women don’t want sex for long without an emotional connection, and I think the saying applies to Laura. It seemed like that she was looking for a better sex life, but she was actually looking for a stronger emotional bound, and she finally did. I walked out of the theatre feeling happy for Laura, really impressed by the actor’s acting skills, and feeling lucky that I watched the premiere of this meaningful and amusing play.

  3. I had never seen a one-person play before but I have heard a lot about them and have always been intrigued to see how they worked. After seeing Married Sex, I definitely thought it was remarkable how she was able to keep the audience engaged while covering a long time span and giving voice to several characters other than the narrator herself, Laura. I also was impressed by her acting and writing, how she was able to cover such heavy topics but still maintain a lot of humor. In a way, especially in the beginning, it was a heartbreaking form of humor – when she first reveals that she was molested by her neighbor, she does it by saying, “Isn’t that funny?!” while laughing loudly. Obviously to the audience – or at least me as a person who has never experienced such trauma – it was not funny, but understanding Laura as a person who can use humor as one of her ways to cope was very useful from the beginning.

    I think most of what made the play so special was how engaging and honest Laura was, even to an awkward extent. She was fearless in her topics. I don’t consider myself a prude or overly sensitive to this type of discussion – my mother is an OB/GYN and if anything, I am interpreted as too outspoken about issues of women’s bodies – however, I did squirm a little in my seat when she spoke about kegel exercises and called out to the audience to do them with her! That was definitely out there for me. However, it went far in a way that was tasteful and enjoyable. I like going to plays because I like experiencing emotions and recognizing that the emotions I feel come from the effort someone put into a theatrical production. Even though I did get a little uncomfortable, I liked that a show was making me feel such strong emotions that someone like myself who rarely hesitates when it comes to “over-sharing,” felt taken aback by the over-share on stage! I believe that the piece being autobiographical made it even more powerful for me.

    Overall, this play was well done and I enjoyed it a lot. We moved along with Laura in her journey to find peace with her body, to escape from her ‘trauma’ (which, unlike the character of Laura, I interpreted it as having a lot to do with her “shrunken vagina” problem), as she navigated through many different methods to be able to have a healthy sex life with her husband. At the end, I felt like Laura was one of my good friends and I was honored to have watched her self-discovery.

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