BODY AWARENESS Opens To The Press! 4½ Stars (out of 5) from DC Metro Theatre Arts

‘Body Awareness’ at Theater J Posted on August 30, 2012 by 

Theater J is starting its 2012-2013 “This is Who We Are” season with the captivating, poignant, and humorous Body Awareness by Annie Baker.  Body Awareness, directed by Eleanor Holdridge, is set in the fictional Vermont town of Shirley and revolves around the non-traditional family formed by Phyllis (Susan Lynskey), a psychology professor at Shirley State College, her high school teacher girlfriend, Joyce (MaryBeth Wise), and Joyce’s genius, introverted, possibly autistic son, Jared (Adi Stein). This play expertly weaves together themes of mother-son tension, jealousy, feminism, love, family, male vs. female issues, and self revelation and discovery. Baker tempers the tension with many moments of humor.

Jared (Adi Stein) emphatically claims to Joyce (MaryBeth Wise) and Phyllis (Susan Lynskey) that he is not “retarded” and that he does not have Aspbergers. Photo by C. Stanley Photography.

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