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Although we may have closed our final show of the 2011 – 2012 season many of the artists who worked with us during the year are just gearing up for shows in both the Capital Fringe Festival and the Round House Theatre Over the Line Festival.  Here is a sampling of where you can find Theater J artists this summer.  (Note that is only includes artists who have joined us this past year. Many other artists involved have worked with Theater J in the past.) Hint: Theater J artists of the past season are in green.

Capital Fringe Festival

What is Fringe?  Fringe is an annual performing arts event in Washington, DC featuring more than 130 performances in a variety of venues around Washington, DC. The Capital Fringe Festival introduces risk-taking art and non-traditional performances including theater, dance, music, poetry, puppetry and more. In addition to the roster of performances, there is merriment to be had at the Fort Fringe under the Baldacchino Gypsy Tent Bar, where fanatics can enjoy food, drinks, entertainment, and catch the latest buzz about all the Fringe performances. 

We Tiresias

By Stephen Spotswood (Theater J Dramaturg and playwright in our first Locally Grown Festival, 2012)
Directed by Matt Ripa
Featuring: Steve Beall, Melissa Hmelnicky, Chris Stinson

Since the beginning of Western drama, we thought that Oedipus was the most gods-cursed man in all of Thebes. We were wrong. A story of capricious gods, forbidden love, false prophets, true seers, ancient kings, bandit queens, switched genders, eyes plucked out in fistfuls, and a healthy dose of gallows humor. Is the future of mankind a comedy or a tragedy?

We Happy Few Productions presents Hamlet
By William Shakespeare
Choreographer: Casey Kaleba
Directed by Hannah Todd
Featuring: Chris Genebach, Sandy Bainum, Raven Bonniwell, Billy Finn, Gordon Adams, James Whalen (actor, The History of Invulnerability)

This darker, more violent, six-actor take on Hamlet asks: What if it’s all in Hamlet’s head? Hamlet is consumed by his thoughts; what if he truly can’t escape? The line between Hamlet’s fantasies and what’s really happening starts to blur…

City Artistic Partnerships presents My Princess Bride
Playwright: Joe Brack (actor, After the Fall)
Inspired by the novel and screenplay of William Goldman
Directed by Matty Griffiths
Featuring: Joe Brack

One man’s take on a classic tale “of true love and high adventure.” Once a novel (or was it?), then abridged (was it, really?), then a well loved movie. Witness fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes and miracles. 

 Faction of Fools Theatre Company presents 3rd Annual “Fool for All”: Tales of Marriage and Mozzarella
Choreographer: Ensemble
Directed by Tyler Herman, Paul Edward Hope, Toby Mulford, Rachel Spicknall, Lindsey Snyder, and Paul Reisman
Featuring: Ensemble (including Gwen Grastorf, Actor, Locally Grown Festival)

A cheesy take on romance from DC’s award–winning Commedia dell’Arte company. Over 40 of your favorite actors perform a sampler platter of inventive, original scenarios. Critics call Faction of Fools “witty and intelligent” with “awesome feats of physical comedy.” ASL interpretation at all shows.

Hysterical Blindness
By Justin Purvis and Chantal Martineau
Directed by Daniel Flint (actor, Locally Grown Festival) and          Chantal Martineau
Featuring: Justin Purvis

What if the curtain fell before the show was over? Diagnosed with a disease threatening blindness, one man shares the story of his love of, and search for, a life as a performer — before the lights go down forever.

Jesus le MOMO
By JR Foley
Directed by Adi Stein (Theater J Apprentice, actor in the upcoming BODY AWARENESS)
Featuring: Elizabeth Salamon, Tyler Budde, Rachel Viele, Sean Sidbury, Liz Kinder, Molly MacKenzie

It’s 1970, DC. A priest’s “wife” — at odds with her “husband” — the priest and communal housemates hold a prayer meeting, speaking in tongues. Dead, mad poet-playwright Antonin Artaud suddenly materializes, demanding they assist him in his resurrection — without God!

The Washington Rogues presents Mitzi’s Abortion
By Elizabeth Heffron
Directed by Ryan Taylor

Choreographer Becky Peters (Director of New Media and Community Outreach, Theater J)
Featuring: Elizabeth Richards Bailey, John C. Bailey, Kevin Boggs, Christian Campbell, Amy Couchoud, Natalie Cutcher, Louise Schlegel

Mitzi’s pregnant and ready to start a family. When tragedy strikes she’s left at the mercy of bureaucracy so absurd it could only be real. Elizabeth Heffron’s uproarious and magical comedy explores the collision of politics, religion, family and biology.

Over The Line Festival                        (@ Roundhouse Silver Spring)

What is the Over the Line Festival? Round House Theatre presents a curated festival of music, theatre, and dance. For 3 weeks during the Over the Line Festival, more than 10 companies (including some of RHT’s best friends) will perform nearly 50 times. There are shows for all audiences – from families who want to bring their children to a Saturday morning show to fans of cutting edge performances to late night cabaret goers. There’s something for every age and every interest.

Forum Theatre presents
By Young Jean Lee
Directed by Michael Dove
Dramaturged by Laura Esti Miller and Hannah Hessel (Dramaturg, Locally Grown Festival)

Acclaimed playwright and director Young Jean Lee transforms her life-long struggle with Christianity into an exuberant church service. Both celebratory and confrontational, Church will test the expectations of religious and non-religious alike — looking deep into why we believe what we believe.  

The Suitcase Story
by Emma Jaster (actor, New Jerusalem)
Music by Matt Pearson

A mysterious suitcase transports our impish heroine through countless adventures to pluck at your heartstrings and tickle your funny bone as she finds her way on life’s path.  Told through clown, puppetry, maps and music.  This show is family-friendly. Two performances only. 

Taffety Punk Theatre Company presents:
This dance play weaves music, choreography and actual transcripts from suicide chat rooms. Featuring company members Kimberly Gilbert (actor, The Religion Thing), Marcus Kyd, Joel David Santner with Gwen Grastorf (actor, Locally Grown Festival), Micheline Heal and Emma Jaster (actor, Locally Grown Festival).

Cinderella Confidential
by Eric Coble
Directed by Brandon McCoy (actor, New Jerusalem and The History of Invulnerability)

The prince has the shoe. He’s ready to wed. But who’s the woman behind the foot? Two investigative reporters ‑ Deb Jabber from Action Newsday Now and Sunny Glamour from Glitter Kingdom Today – compete for the scoop of the century, interviewing everybody from a fairy godmother in desperate need of a day-planner to mice in the witness protection program. Rib tickling fun for the whole family.

Taffety Punk Theatre Company Generator presents:

Adapted from the novel of Gustav Meyrink by Daniel Flint
Directed by Joel David Santner and Daniel Flint (actor, Locally Grown Festival)
Music by Jupiter Rex

The Golem follows the story of Athanasius Pernath, a jeweler in Prague’s Jewish ghetto in the late 19th century who is afflicted with a curious amnesia. When a strange man enters Pernath’s life with a mysterious book, the jeweler begins his descent into a labyrinth of murder and madness.


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