Program Big, Program Often

Shirley here. Firstly, I think an apology is in order. We let the blog sit unattended for a full month. That’s a pretty big breach on our side of the blogger bargain.

As you see from our last few entries–we’re getting our interns into the game, and glad to have their fresh and vital reflections to share.

We’ve got updates on conferences, convenings, and collaborations to come–but in the meantime I was too excited about our upcoming panel discussions not to share. We’ve had several great discussions involving art, story-telling, and comic books already–which we’ll be reporting on–but do take note of the following Sunday panel discussions!

This Sunday, June 24 at 5:15pm we’ll be hosting the discussion Being Superman: A Psychological and Legal Look in partnership with the Washington Psychoanalytic Society. Moderated by Marc S. Levine, M.D. the chat will feature Mark S. Zaid, Esquire, otherwise known as”The Comic Book Lawyer”. You can read about Mark here; and about his “Superheroes in Court” exhibit here. We’re so pleased to have both Marc/k’s as our special guests.

On Sunday, July 1 at 5:15pm we’ll present Why Comics Matter: The Social Relevance of Comic Books. Getting a “Yes! I’d love to join your panel!” response is one of the little joys in my day, and the last couple of days have been filled with many of these joys as we’ve assembled a varied and diverse panel of folks to whom comics matter. I’ve never been to Geppi’s Entertainment Museum, but after watching this video–I think it’s high time for a visit. What a cool field trip that would have been for the cast and crew of INVULNERABILITY. Instead–I say: visit the museum, come see the show, and then stay for the discussion afterwards. And now…Go!

Glad also to have the inimitable Big Planet Comics represented.

In pulling one-line bios for guests today I came across this awesome blog post from artist Mark Burrier about creating a comic for a Big Planet Shop ad. Not only is the final product charming and effective–but the step-by-step through the process is a great pre-show primer for the play. Just think, at the very start Joe Shuster was doing the drawing, lettering, inking and coloring on his own (no photoshop either). It’s clear why, as demand quickly increased, Shuster turned inking and detail work over to a crew of assistants.

Now–without further ado–here’s our line-up for Sunday, July 1. As always–anyone who has attended the show at any time during the run is welcome to attend the panels.

  • Matt Dembicki (editor and contributing writer/artist to District Comics; co-founder of the D.C. Conspiracy, a comics creators collective)
  • Andy Hershberger (Associate Curator/Registrar at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum, Baltimore, MD)
  • Esther Kim (District of Geeks blogger)
  • Jared Smith (Owner, Big Planet Comics in Vienna)
  • Patrick Michael Strange (Comic creator, fanboy, actor, writer, photographer, producer)

I’ll do a run down of our final panel soon–which will feature DC-based comic artists, in a new take on our Locally Grown programming.