THE WHIPPING MAN Field Trip to Richmond

As THE WHIPPING MAN finished its first week of rehearsal, director Jennifer Nelson and stage manager Karen Currie scheduled for a cast field trip to Richmond, Virginia–where the Civil War drama takes place.

The trip included a drive along Monument Avenue–where the city honors its Confederate heroes;  a tour of downtown Richmond, past the current Capitol Building; and of course, a visit to Richmond’s Museum of the Confederacy.


Actor Mark Hairston reads about the build-up to the Civil War

ImageActors Alexander Strain and David Emerson Toney examine Civil War weapons


A Civil War Captain’s Field Jacket and cap. A general consensus from the group:

“People were very small in the 19th Century!”


The Confederate White House: The official residence of President Jefferson Davis, his wife Varina and their children, the house was also the social, political and military center of the Confederacy. 

You’ll be hearing more from us about this complex and compelling play as we move into week two. In the meantime, check out the dramaturgy tumblr from our friends at Baltimore CENTERSTAGE, who open their production of THE WHIPPING MAN  two weeks before we do.