Spinozium Vote Tally and Round-Up of Recent Rave Reviews

Latest raves for NEW JERUSALEM: THE INTERROGATION OF BARUCH DE SPINOZA can be found by clicking on the following links:  Washington City Paper, Washington Jewish Week, DC Theatrescene, and Metro Weekly.  All, not surprisingly, are wonderful reads!

And now, onto the question which will be debated on April 1st at our “Spinozium” –  SHOULD BARUCH DE SPINOZA’S CHEREM BE REVERSED?

The Background:  In 1952, David Ben-Gurion, in between terms as Israel’s prime minister, appealed to the Chief Rabbinate of Israel to cancel the cherem (the religious banishment) on Spinoza. The Rabbinate rejected the appeal, arguing that they were not competent to overrule the wisdom of the rabbis who signed the original writ in Amsterdam on July 27, 1656.  Theater J now turns to its own audience to ask, “if you had the power, would you move to reverse Spinoza’s excommunication?”

As of 1 pm, March 8, 2013, votes from theater-goers and online follows are:

200 YES

33 NO

These vote totals, which are to be tallied daily until April 1, 2012, are to be entered into the amicus curiae (friend of the court) briefs during Spinoza’s re-trial at our SPINOZIUM, April 1, 2012.

For a full Spinozium schedule, click here.   To cast your own vote on Spinoza’s posthumous fate, click here.



One thought on “Spinozium Vote Tally and Round-Up of Recent Rave Reviews

  1. Comment from Thursday night’s ballot: “If the Chief Rabbinate of Israel rejected Ben Gurion’s appeal to have the excommunication repealed because they felt they did not have the wisdom for such a decision, how could I presume to be qualified to have an answer, let alone an opinion? My vote is UNKNOWN!”

    So mark 1 for UNDECIDED!

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