Acknowledging TJ supporters Who Made Our Trip to Israel Possible

As we wind down our Israel-trip postings (hopefully we’ll bring them to a sterling conclusion with the close of 2011 and then turn full attention to the excitement that is our upcoming, brand new, “Locally Grown Festival” in 2012) we want to repost a casual comment that deserves its own billing:

An acknowledgement, that without Stephen and Margaret Hahn-Stern’s initial contribution, followed by support from more than a half dozen other Theater J Council members, there wouldn’t have been a Theater J delegation to IsraDrama.  So Jennifer, Shirley, and Ari want to publicly thank Marion and Larry Lewin, Elaine Reuben, Patti and Jerry Solwalsky, Margot and Paul Zimmerman, Al Munzer and Joel Wind, Debbie Carliner and Robert Remes, and Theatre Lab alum Richard Fiske who, along with Stephen and Margaret, contributed to the travel fund to allow Shirley Serotsky to represent Theater J’s Literary Department, while providing additional support to help underwrite Associate Artist in Residence Jennifer Mendenhall’s travel, and that of Ari’s as well.  We’re grateful to our community, and grateful all the more to the conveners and the underwriters of IsraDrama for their wonderful hosting, and for making our stay at the Hotel Cinema such a pleasant and enjoyable week.


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