New Raves + Unanimous Acclaim = You Tell Us

So the round up of rave reviews continues, but sales aren’t through the roof; they’re moderate-to-steady and even a wee bit sluggish with perhaps a little bit of skip-in-the-step this morning — not that we’re watching too closely — just wondering: If you staged a superlative rendering of a challenging play with bountiful gifts within it for all who came to partake, and then every piece written about the production lauded the artistry of all involved, wouldn’t you expect something extraordinary on the part of theater patrons who should be, at this point, clamoring to pay attention to the event taking place for only four more weeks before it all fritters away? Yeah, you might!

So we’re back to wondering, is Arthur Miller more admired than loved? Respected but not followed? Again, we’ve got good houses this weekend. But not beating down the doors good. And this production deserves that. Mitchell Hebert’s performance alone deserves that. It will come, as Turkeys approach, and the run comes to a close… but now? What’s up with the town?

Maybe it’s a healthy thing. Unlike New York, our readers aren’t leaping to buy tickets based on what a half dozen critics tell them to do. They’re hearing from friends, and the sales come steadily, and build, as more and more ticket-holders see the show. Rather than conferring too much importance on the opinion of a paper, people are waiting to be compelled by different endorsements. And it’s the subject too. And the level of investment demanded by a play of harrowing disappointment, with a death or two sure to break the heart, a divorce and a concentration camp; yes, but there’s also love, and sex, and lots of clothing swap-outs in less than a few seconds — beautiful women change before us, behind walls, and return with a fresh character, a new action, and there’s a thrilling theatrical energy to these transformations.

Well, don’t take our word for the distinguished production. Read on! Here’s from DC Theatrescene!

And 4 stars from Maryland Theatre Guide

And a huge Winner from The Washington Examiner

And finally, The Washington Jewish Week.

So them’s the latest… with more posts to come… Again, your reactions, as to whether these papers have the pull they once had — or whether the reviews do sufficient justice to the show — all are appreciated.