Mitchell Hébert, Gabriela Fernández-Coffey. Photo by Stan Barouh

Grace here. Reviews are a controversial topic amongst theater-folk. Some read them religiously, others pointedly ignore them. I think it was Rosemary Clooney who, when discussing reviews,  said something like, “You’re never as good as they say you are, but you’re never as bad as they say you are.”

My personal feeling about reviews reminds me of the mild anxiety I’ve always felt about introducing various boyfriends to my parents.  I wouldn’t love the guy any less if my parents didn’t like him. That being said, it’s infinitely more pleasant when they do.

Similarly, when you get that critical “stamp of approval,” and the writers you respect share your enthusiasm for the play that you’ve poured your blood and sweat into, it feels really, really good.

So it’s gratifying to read the Washington Post’s headline, “Sharp casting makes After the Fall an Enjoyable Epic” and know that their critic felt the same fascination with this “compulsively watchable” play that I did.

You can read the whole review here!

And it’s great to know that I have a kindred soul at Washingtonian, who  enthused about the play’s “enthralling boiling point” and Mitch Hébert’s “layered performance” just as I did after watching the dress rehearsal.

Click here for the Washingtonian’s full text.

We’ve got something very special here–everyone involved with this project has known it from Day One. Now the newspapers know it too! I hope the word keeps spreading, because I think people are going to be talking about this one for a long time. I certainly will, and it will be great to have more people to reminisce with!


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