Sharing Discussions

We’ve spent a lot of time considering how we can share some of our fantastic post-show discussions here on the blog and elsewhere–for the benefit of all of the folks who can’t make it to a talk due to schedules or geography.

Simply reporting often seems a little like a tease:

Dear Blog Reader,
Had a great time at Sunday’s discussion.
Wish you were here.
Theater J

So we’re refining our camera and editing skills, and will continue to post excerpts from the talks here on the blog, hopefully to increasingly fulfilling results. Let us know what you think. (And you can check out our video archives from the year at any time, here.)

To start, we wanted to share moments from our IMAGINING MADOFF discussion on Sunday, September 11 at 4:30 pm, titled: Twin Traumas: Madoff, 9/11 and The Great Recession.

That afternoon we hosted:
• Beenish Ahmed, NPR Fellow, Fulbright Scholar, writer and social justice activist
• Marc Fisher, Senior Editor at The Washington Post
• Derek Thompson, Senior Editor at The Atlantic

September 11 Post Show Discussion from Theater J on Vimeo.