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Grace here. You may have seen the recent Washington Post article about Theater J and the discussions about Israeli drama. We recently got this beautiful response from Elaine and Tom, and they were kind enough to let me share it on our blog. Please feel free to leave your own comments and continue the conversation.

Dear Ari Roth and colleagues,

My husband and I have been subscribers to Theater J for several years–and love what you do. We have found the plays interesting, thought-provoking and balanced. We really liked “Return to Haifa” and applaud you for staging it. The Washington Post article inspired us to voice our support.

We are ardent supporters of Israel but that doesn’t mean that Israel is perfect. I believe the creation of Israel was absolutely necessary and its secure continuation equally necessary. At the same time, the reality is that many Palestinian families were displaced. To recognize that, as Theater J has, and to engage in dialogue and seek a peaceful co-existence is simply being honest and fair.

Without this kind of fairness, Theater J would not be the same. We changed our series tickets from The Shakespeare Theater to Theater J after being introduced to a performance there by friends. We were delighted with it and went to other plays and then became season series holders.

PLEASE DON”T CHANGE! You are doing great work, both on and off the stage–hurrah for the Peace Cafes!

Elaine Murphy and Tom Merrick
Washington, DC


2 thoughts on “Responses to The Post…

  1. Dear Ari and Theater J,
    As devoted subscribers and minor but heartfelt underwriters, we were horrified at the bigoted attack on Theater J by the armies of the right. Be assured that we are with you 100%. It must be a sign that these folks are running scared – if they can’t shut down discussion and win in the court of public opinion, maybe they can make life miserable for a small theater. Communism, anyone? Keep up the fine work.

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