Washington Post Feature: “At Theater J, Soul-Searching as Israel Debate Intensifies”

Well, the piece is out, first in print, now on line. Been fielding interesting responses via email all day. Good communication with our new CEO, Carole Zawatsky, throughout the process as well. Here’s her quote from the piece:

“I would suggest the work may be controversial for some individuals, but the choice is to present work at the highest level… For me, the question is, first and foremost, to help this broad public that comes from this place of passion to understand that every voice is honored.”

And here’s how the piece concludes:

“Roth says that in a sense, his new season of plays — with works by Arthur Miller, others about Bernard Madoff and Baruch de Spinoza — is a calculated response to the debates that are occurring in Jewish households across the country. ‘Look at what we’re doing: We’re fighting for the soul of our community. We are enacting dramas, and the subject is the embattled soul of the Jewish people. It’s a community and a people that are split and torn, and we sit on the seams of that divide and we need to reflect that schism: that person who looks deeply at himself, and is divided.’

And the Peace Cafes? Whether they reappear at the community center or not, Roth says that he and Shallal are counting on a slate of future nights of hummus and argument.”

Your thoughts?


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