Imagining Madoff

First Rehearsal: Scenic Designer Lauren Helpern Reveals the SetFirst Rehearsal: Rick Foucheux (Madoff) and Mike Nussbaum (Galkin)Debra Kim Sivigny, Costume Designer Shares Her InspirationsFirst RehearsalFirst Rehearsal: Gavi Young (Development Associate) and Delia Taylor (Associate Producer) First Rehearsal: Sophie "Office Manager" Roth and Isabel "Assistant Office Manager" Roth
First Rehearsal: Playwright Deb Margolin Discusses MadoffFirst Rehearsal: Rick Foucheux (Madoff) and Mike Nussbaum (Galkin)First Rehearsal: Rick Foucheux (Madoff) and Mike Nussbaum (Galkin)First Rehearsal: Playwright Deb Margolin Discusses Musical InspirationFirst Rehearsal: Assistant Stage Manager Lauren Danzig studies the costume design inspirationsFirst Rehearsal: Set Design
First Rehearsal: Dramaturge Shirley Serotsky and Costume Designer Deb SivignyFirst Rehearsal: Projection Designer Kylph Stanford studies the costume designsFirst Rehearsal: Set Design

Imagining Madoff, a set on Flickr.

Images from the first rehearsal of Imagining Madoff which opens August 31st!

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August 31 – September 25

A Mainstage Premiere
By Deb Margolin
Directed by Alexandra Aron
Designed by Dan Covey, Lauren Helpern, Elisheba Ittoop, Deb Sivigny and Klyph Stanford

Featuring Rick Foucheux, Jennifer Mendenhall & Mike Nussbaum

The much anticipated premiere by OBIE Award winner, Deb Margolin. Unrepentant Ponzi-schemer Bernard Madoff sets the record straight from his prison cell, recounting an all-night study session with Holocaust survivor, poet and investment client, Solomon Galkin. With testimony from Madoff’s personal secretary before the Securities and Exchange Commission, we delve into the minds of two towering men, as their mutual will to confide and confess accelerates through the night.