A Conversation with Kindra Crick

Last night we had the great pleasure of hosting the following post-show discussion:

A Conversation with Kindra Crick, Visual Artist and Grand-daughter of Francis Crick, moderated by Dafna Steinberg, Gallery Director of the Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery

Kindra’s a delight, charming, brilliant and engaging–a fact that is further reinforced when you take the time to peruse her show in The Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery near the Q Street entrance of the DC JCC.

We’ll be posting clips from our discussions as frequently as we can. Here’s a peek at the conversation last night, as Kindra discusses the phenomenon of created history:

And later in the evening, when she showed the audience a letter from her grandfather to her fourteen-year-old father; explaining the discoveries that he and James Watson had made, which were soon to be published in the renowned Nature article. As he explains to his son “You can understand that we are very excited”.