Emma Goldman Takes The Stage (part I)

from the stirring finale of Jessica Litwak’s

Part I of the “E.G. Trilogy; Three Plays About Emma Goldman” part II, to be read Monday, April 4 @ 7:30 pm

A timely and timeless offering to consider the case of Emma Goldman, one of one of our culture’s more charismatic, problematic, challenging, inspiring agitators and organizers.  Where would Emma find herself today?  Here, our playwright locates her in 1901, in a one room tenement in Chicago, awaiting arrest.

…”I believe in Anarchy, Freedom, Free love, Speech.   I believe in America.  Courage. People. Pride. I believe There is great work to do. Now. However we can.  I believe That governments abuse their power.

Now and always. I believe The future is in our hands. I believe in dreamers, Children, Confetti. That Dancing is important, I believe That if America has entered the war to make the world safe for Democracy, she must first make democracy safe in America. I believe in peace. Beauty. Duty. I believe That people must be free to express themselves Differently. In Liberty. I believe in passion. Art. In anarchy. That women must make choice about their lives, as wives. Mothers. Lovers. I believe that America should not stick her nose into other people’s business. I believe Revolution coming next, in sex. Tolstoy. A brand new age. Duse on stage. I believe in Russia’s cries, In open eyes. That senators’ lie. I believe in Anarchy. In Freud’s interpretations. Humanity. Salvation. I believe in action. Strikes. The likes of which we’ve still not seen. I believe in honesty. Good food. Wine. Happiness. Radiance. The free child. Oscar Wilde. Sasha’s smile. Defiance. Pride. I believe Anarchism is a process not a finality. I believe in the spark, a light in the dark. History is nothing but eternal reoccurrence and people are still tearing each other apart after all these years, while we fools go on… Believing. In life. Liberty. The American people. Awakening. Emancipation. Liberation. Dreams. Ideals. Anarchy.

I believe in standing alone, grown Woman. Making her own choice. Her Face held high not afraid to die. I am proud of my beliefs and I believe, no matter what anyone I believe in the masses. In destroying the classes. I believe in tenderness. In Common sense. The declaration of independence.
says about me.

I believe in Max, Johann, Fedya, Alexander Berkman. Ah Sasha… I believe in free will and action. I don’t care what the newspapers say about me. In resisting tyranny.  I believe in birth control. Soul searching. Reading. Writing. Watching. (Not so much to forgive, but to understand.) I believe in the brave heart, A light in the dark…to continue The fight, or wrong or for right…

I believe in Anarchy..and Nietzsche says, ”That which is born out of love always takes place beyond Good and Evil” Upheaval. Starting fresh. Making a mess. I believe in moving. Not losing Hope. In coping with these hard but wonderful Times. Lines of people all over the world Holding each other, helping each other. Protesting war. Shouting for… Freedom, free love, speech… I believe in Anarchy… “The philosophy of a new social order based on liberty, unrestricted by man made law.” I believe in fun. Running screaming, wishing. Making it I believe in Love. Again and again. Women and Men, and And all the men in my life. I believe in living for today. Strong. Resilient. Gay. Paving the road. I believe our enemy is the dying past and we are the Glowing future. I believe in we. I believe in me.
Ed, Carl, Hippolyte… dancing laughing, leaping, kissing, real. women

You, her, everybody I Believe In charm. The great here’s to social harmony And all the men in my life. I believe in going ahead. The sharing of bread.
I believe in Anarchy. Freedom. Free love. Speech. I believe in America. I disbelieve in authority, invasion, coercion and force. Oppression, violence, marriage, divorce.

I believe in the absence of government… In people running their own lives. Children not deprived. Of love.
Free love. And the freedom Of dreaming and making dreams live. The pleasure to give A warm hand To the next man. Fortified With courage and will. Pulling each other up the hill. I believe in anarchism. The new world. Women and men Beginning again. I believe in patriotism of the soul. Our role In the liberation of mankind. I believe in the spiritual, Political, Economic, Revolution of life. Strife.

I believe in doing whatever it takes
To make It happen.


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  1. Thank you for putting on this great playreading.
    I wish I could have come on Monday night as well, but Sunday afternoon, that amazing finale speech about what she believed..Incredible! Well, done, Jessica. Well directed, Dot.
    Cheers, Jessica

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