Adena Potok on THE CHOSEN

One of the great pleasures we’ve had during the rehearsal period of Aaron Posner’s adaptation of Chaim Potok’s THE CHOSEN was sitting in on a visit made by Potok’s widow, Adena Potok, to the Ammerman Rehearsal hall at Arena Stage. Mrs. Potok spoke with the cast about the genesis for the novel, and fielded questions and thoughts from our very inquisitive cast and director.

Following the group chat, Ari and I sat and talked with her about her relationship to Chaim’s writing; the inspiration for the renowned novel; and her continued relationship with the stage adaptations of both THE CHOSEN and MY NAME IS ASHER LEV. We’ve recorded this conversation, and will post the interview in three parts, starting with questions related to the novel, and the real life inspiration behind these wonderfully complex characters.