New Video from rehearsal, tech, and first audiences leaping to their feet!

What a lovely little piece of film-making… And theater-making, for that matter!

Love seeing shots of the Mediterrenean Israelis bundled in snow gear. Which comes to mind tonight as we perform in the midst of a howling blizzard. Here’s my shout-out to the staff and production team of RETURN TO HAIFA…

A hearty congratulations to all for braving the snow, the thunder, the lightning, the hail, the sleet, the locusts, the boils, and the near-death of the first born as the Wednesday Night Clipper conspired to shut down major arteries of the city and major Metro lines as well, and still the show went on, the crew assembled, the cast trooped in, the staff battled the phone lines and readied the house and stayed late and the audience did their part as well. 120 brave souls sit in the theater as I type watching a wonderful performance with post-show talk-back to follow and an additional $4,876 in ticket income collected on this fierce and fragile night.

While operations have run incredibly smoothly inside the building, loved ones have been having the most difficult of times on the road, and we feel for them. My poor wife just spent 4 and a half hours on Wisconsin Avenue driving from Northwest DC to Bethesda to pick up Sophie from a doctor’s appointment. She wound up being 3 hours late. The doctor’s office lost power. East-West Highway was a standstill because of two jackknifed tractor-trailer trucks. The doctor and Sophie hung out in a nearby McDonalds for the past two hours, but now all is safe and mother and child are reunited and turning back on Wisconsin and heading home. And all is fine at the J, with a wonderful art opening wrapping up downstairs.

Grateful to everyone involved in this heartbreaking, dramatic show. A special shout-out to Tara (our Director of Patrons Services) for handling the phones and emails so expertly. And to everyone really… Let us all be impressed and relieved…