HONEY BROWN EYES pix from Off-Bway Premiere

Sue Cremin and Edoardo Ballerini Photo by Lia Chang

Photographer Lia Chang has posted a wonderful page of photos and advance material on Stefanie Zadravec’s great play that premiered at Theater J in 2008.  “The cast of HONEY BROWN EYES features Edoardo Ballerini (Corky Corporale on “The Sopranos,” “Dinner Rush,” “Romeo Must Die,” “Boardwalk Empire”), Daniel Serafini-Sauli (“You Belong to Me,” “United 93″), Sue Cremin (“Killing the Boss”), Gene Gillette (“Lieutenant of Inishmore”), Beatrice Miller (Ridley Scott’s “Tell Tale,” “Toy Story 3″), and Kate Skinner.Edoardo Ballerini Photo by Lia Chang

Lots of great things suddenly sprouting new in New York even as 11 Broadway shows have closed in January. Tis the season of renewal.


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  1. The nervous playwright spent the afternoon before opening on the phone with her theater J director, Jessica Lefkow being reminded of everything the play can be. Many thanks and much love to you all!

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