New Videos as the Director Arrives

A second trip to New York in 6 days (leaving, oh, in about 2 hours) has kinda wreaked havoc on my first New Year’s Resolution; which was to blog everyday, to which we all might have replied (as the treadmill said to the talk show host): Fat Chance!!! Well, the list of blog topics has been piling up; so many adventures to share in the past week. Here they are – as we turned 50 (royally speaking, once again) – consider these topics a tone poem, with details to come some other time:

• MEETING 3 WOMEN (PLAYWRIGHTS) in 8 HOURS IN NYC (as I pass from Deb Margolin to Karen Hartman to Romanian dramatist/screenwriter Andreea Valean – profligate producer, moi? Each encounter wonderful in its own way – three wonderful works discussed – all come alive in conversation)

• DELIGHTING IN THE OFF-BWAY PREMIERE OF “HONEY BROWN EYES” (but we’ll have to wait to see it first, at the Working Theatre on 42nd Street, before we truly kvell about it — but kvell we will, because something wonderful is coming for playwright Stefanie Zadravec out of this, just as a Helen Hayes for Best New Play came from its birth at Theater J)

• LATEST FILM CLIP #1 – THE CREATIVE PROCESS – Yes, here it is – Arriving, actually, several days ago but now it’s been tweaked by filmmaker David Goldenberg, and it should encourage you to see the depth of commitment these Cameri Theatre artists have demonstrated in getting their play, RETURN TO HAIFA right – a play that’s both a close honoring and a vibrant departure from the novella at strategic points – a subject we’re going to return to over and over throughout this production. View on:

• And then enjoy this literary analysis – from the Arablit blog – about the differing adaptations that have been made from Ghassan Kanafani’s original. Of special note is this Lebanese production that’s recently concluded a run in Beirut.

• The issue of multiple versions and the potentially angry reaction of those who feel that the play has strayed from the original, will find an inverse/mirror to their rage in witnessing the sharp rebukes endured by the Cameri from more nationalist and religious Jews who were not happy with the play when it’s production was first announced in Israel in 2008. Here’s that video segment, shot and cut, once again by David Goldenberg.


• And then there’s the SLOAN FOUNDATION support for Anna Zeigler’s new PHOTOGRAPH 51, receiving its 2nd production, with us this time at the end of March. (Wait, that’s the sub-theme of this tone-poem: Women playwrights everywhere!)

But we’re running out of time now – trains to catch and student recommendations still to write (!)

Oh, wait – Why are we GOING to New York? To Schmooze! Officially. To present and to panel on two burning subjects near and dear to my heart. Read the full schedule here. And more generally about Schmooze here.

Tomorrow, we promise, a report! And more articles on RETURN TO HAIFA and the Festival!