Kinsey Closes, Post-Performance Toasts to a Transforming Future

Things went extraordinarily well last night — and these last 15 days — so it’s fitting that the new year’s weekend came to a close with a perfect kind of post-show party for just the cast and crew of OY, VEY IN A MANGER. The Kinseys were quick to compliment every aspect of their stay with us — the audience’s warm embrace of the show — and the cast’s embrace of our staff and community at the J. The toasts went full circle, as we acknowledged that when the show officially opened two weeks ago, Patricia Jenson bid a fond farewell to the assembled opening night crowd and received just one of the many standing ovations that were hers to take in that week, while we were still searching feverishly to find a new managing director to replace.

Before announcing the new hire, we were quick to note that in the interim, and with the transition workloads being distributed among a number of key staff, our group hunkered down and worked even harder and longer during the month of December, and as a result of the new roles and responsibilities folks were taking on, we were now seeing (among other things) more staff participation in a closing night party (both the planning and enjoyment of it) than ever before! Something about that breaking up of a routine–and the reinventing of a theatrical ritual–both of which were in need of some reinvigoration.

In shifting of some responsibilities and in the process of reassessing some roles in the office, Delia Taylor is moving up to the position of Associate Producer (where she’ll continue to execute all the functions of the managing director but as a fully recognized member of the artistic senior staff), while Becky Peters moves up from marketing associate in groups sales to become our Director for Community Engagement and New Media, working closely with Grace Overbeke in Grace’s position as Director of Marketing and Communication.

So the closing night toast went to a great group that broke records for a two week/three weekend limited run gig at Theater J, and for a staff that’s redefining itself and getting closer to the art and the artists than ever before. Fitting then, that we let this picture bespeak a whole mess of words!


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