The Kinsey Sicks’ Opening Weekend!

A wild, woolly, raunchy and wonderful weekend of shows for OY, VEY IN A MANGER is in the books. We’ve got huge demand on tickets, and we’ve got huge love for these performers coming from audiences who were delighted, shocked, amused, and kinda thrilled by the naughty-nice nature of this energizing alternative holiday show. The first review is out on TBD, and this terrific appreciation from two audience members for whom this play spoke deeply.

We share this email with you with their permission.

“A Big Holiday THANK YOU!”

Just returned from the opening night of Kinsey Sicks and could not believe how much I appreciated their artistry for totally different reasons. Sure they are a talented quartet with incredible vocal power spanning very wide ranges. But, more importantly, they provided me with a wonderful gift.

I have spent the last week and will spend the next two weeks running all over the beltway providing my partner a festive Christmas.

For the six years we’ve been married, he has stepped right to the plate and is more Jewish than many of my yeshiva classmates. He’s ready to be Bar Mitzvahed.

Today, we did the Nutcracker, Christmas Caroling, the National Christmas Tree and a lot more.

Kinsey Sicks provided us a Christmas celebration in a very Jewish way. We just killed two birds with one stone. Kinsey Sick’s performance allowed us both to celebrate our holidays together without separating Christian versus Jewish.

Tonight we were one. One Couple. One Holiday.

Thank you Kinsey Sicks.

Rich Moonblatt
James Peterson