Harmonic Tension in the Convergence of Hide/Seek Controversy and Kinsey Sicks Arriving in DC

So we know about the excellent Hide/Seek exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery, and we also know about the lamentable decision to remove the 4 minute excerpt of the David Wojnarowicz video which has shown the Portrait Gallery to be withdrawing support from a work of art their curators have always believed in — a video that adds poignancy and sharpness to the overall exhibit — and so an exhibit that’s cause for celebration is also now cause for ruing the return of a Politics of Intimidation, where right-wing agitation–in this case, advocates from the Catholic League–seize upon thought-provoking work and push for a sponsoring arts institution to censor itself, lest it risk a loss of key government funding due to political agitation and fear mongering full of distortion. These are dark forces lining up to induce this kind of censorious pressure, and there are dark forces gaining traction that seek to retard the social advancement of gay culture in society and lead, inevitably, to a backlash of bullying and anti-gay hate speech.

And so comes this wonderful video from the DCJCC’s GLOE program, part of the national “It Gets Better” campaign. Check it out:

And this warm and positive message is essentially what will emerge, once all the satirical and irreverent dust settles from the Kinsey Sicks residency with us when they unveil the latest iteration of OY VEY IN A MANGER, opening December 18 and running through January 2 at Theater J. Check out their latest video!

From darkness, light…