Co-habitation Situation

Today, another guest blog post from our Literary Intern, Rebecca Gingrich-Jones. She shares a roommate story with a happy ending…

To me, what makes The Odd Couple still relevant and hilarious today is that we can all relate to having a horrible roommate. I mean really, who hasn’t had a best friend or two turn into their worst enemy after a few months of co-habiting? And then there are the roommates from hell just thrust upon us, especially in this city of high-rent and the ubiquitous group house. But rather than go on about my relatively mundane gripes regarding former roommates’ untidy habits and co-dependent guilt trips, I prefer to recall a more harmonious roommate situation – at least from my point of view.

Although some people might shy away from opposite-sex roommates, I was happy to share an apartment with a friend of mine since childhood, who most importantly, scored highly on the tidiness scale (without quite channeling Felix neuroses). We got along quite well – despite his tendency to hide behind the door or under the coffee table in our apartment and scare the bejeezus out of me. We got along so well that we were able to negotiate one of those lovely Capitol Hill idiosyncrasies – he allowed me to walk through his room every day to get to mine, which adjoined his; there were plenty of jokes about me living in his closet. This was all fine and well until I started dating someone – but he put up with that quite well too. Although I guess he let me know enough was enough when he announced his intention to move in with some friends – all guys – in a spacious house in Virginia when our lease was up.

To assuage my sadness that our cohabitation was ending, I was forced to rent a U-Haul and move in with my girlfriend. And once I got used to her cat, that cohabitation began to go quite smoothly as well – in fact, we recently celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary. Which never could have happened if I was still living in my roommate’s closet.

Do you have positive roommate stories – or better yet, horror stories you’re not afraid to air online? Comment below with your experiences. For some inspiration, check out Jezebel’s recent post on roommate horror stories, or for priceless nuggets of venom, one of my favorite sites, passive aggressive notes. And come to the Odd Couple, for roommate hell that’s hard to top!