Audience emails – 1st wave of reactions

“Saw Theater J’s presentation of Neil Simon’s the Odd Couple last night. It was laughing out loud hilarious! Superb acting and directing. Loved the set, the furniture must have been taken from my old apartment. Absolutely wonderful production. Congratulations again for yet another in a long list of triumphs and thank you. Theater J is a great gift to the citizens of Washington, and judging from the audience reaction last night, it is appreciated.”
I. Weiss

“My friend M and I want to thank you for a delightful evening. I had to contain M’s hearty laughter that was loud enough to be noted by several people seated below- mind you she is a recent Ethiopian immigrant and is not yet well versed in colloquial English- but she got it- which speaks volumes of the amazing ability of the actors to convey their story and seamlessly communicate to their audiences.
The Odd couple was great fun, thank you.”

“We just had a completely enjoyable evening at Theater J. The Odd Couple is funny and fast-paced. Seeing it in 2010 is quite different from earlier times. The production brings out many nuances that resonate today but also gives a great glimpse of the 1960s, including a wonderful set with period furniture. The entire cast was particularly fine. Enjoy!
-C. Baer

“I agree with C.Baer.
Outstanding cast. Outstanding direction Outstanding production.
Funny, moving, hugely entertaining.
-G. Gleason