So Shall We Call These E-panels?

It’s me, Shirley.

A few final reports on our SOMETHING YOU DID discussions. Our last official panel discussion, held on September 26, addressed the topic: Protest Movements and the Internet: Political Activism Today.

We hosted panelists:

Niv Elis, an analyst and writer living in DC, Niv has published articles on and the Washington Post blog “On Faith.” He is the author of the blog “Quotidian Dissent”
Amy Spitalnick, the Press and New Media Associate at J Street
Mia Cambronero, a Global Campaigner with, a global online advocacy community; former social media coordinator for Organizing for America

The first clip is a response to Ari’s question, which seeks these politically active young people’s responses to the journey of character Alison Moulton in SOMETHING YOU DID–who was a politically active young person when she committed the tragic act that put her in prison several decades earlier. In the process, Ari also learns the term “E-activism”! (The panelists are, from left to right, Mia, Niv and Amy)

Later Mia explains the importance of personal stories and a human connection in conducting an effective and successful internet campaign, particularly in a day and age of media overload in this country.