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Shirley here.

My how time flies. SOMETHING YOU DID closed to a warm and receptive house, and THE ODD COUPLE gallops along at full pace downstairs in the rehearsal room. Get ready for the funny.

And while we’ve done a great job covering the excitement of this past weekend, with the back-and-forth between our playwright Willy Holtzman and writer David Horowitz, we’ve skipped over a number of discussions that took place on our previous Sunday afternoons. I’ll do some quick recaps here, complete with video coverage!

On Sunday, September 12 we had an afternoon discussion titled, How the 60s Changed the World, with guests David Eberhardt, of the Baltimore 4; and Stephen Stern, a member of our own Theater J Council.

In this first clip,  Dave responds to a question about the level of activity of protesters today.

Later, Stephen spoke about his preference towards a grassroots approach to implementing change.

Later that same day, following the evening performance of SOMETHING YOU DID, we held a second discussion, this one titled, When Protest Comes to Shove: How Far is Too Far?

We hosted a fantastic bunch of panelists, including:

• Mark Goldstone: chair of the Demonstration Support Committee of the Washington DC chapter of the National Lawyers Guild
• Phil Hirschkop: Civil Rights Lawyer since 1965
• Dave Eberhardt: Poet and member of the Baltimore Four
• Andy Shallal: Activist, artist and entrepreneur

The discussion was moderated by Deryl Davis, a Professor at Wesley Theological Seminary.

Highlights from the later discussion included Mark Goldstone’s response to an audience member’s question about the “morality” of civil disobedience, here:

And the venerable Philip Hirschkop explaining how he arrived at his unique perspective on protest movements of the 1960s and later.


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