Something You Did In Discussion

Shirley here.

Hoping to share some highlights from the first two panel discussions we hosted during the run of SOMETHING YOU DID (and simultaneously experimenting with my ability to post video clips. Here we go!)

Sunday, September 5 at 4:30pm: Scripture Unscripted: Clerical Perspectives on Protest & Punishment, Prisons & Parole

• Moderated by Rabbi Tamara Miller: Educator and Spiritual Counselor
with guests:
• John W. Wimberly, Jr.: Pastor, Western Presbyterian Church
• Naeem M. Baig: Executive Director, Islamic Circle of North America Council for Social Justice

In the following clip Pastor Wimberly discusses watching violence elevate on both sides of the anti-war movement while he was a student at the University of Wisconsin in the late 1960s.

Later in the discussion, moderator Tamara Miller asked each panelist to talk about how their respective faith views the concept of forgiveness. Rabbi Miller discussed this idea in the framework of Judaism; Pastor Wimberly looked at forgiveness in Christian terms; and Naim Baig approached the concept from a Muslim perspective.

We’re happy to share these blurbs as a way of bringing our discussions to you (since we know you can’t always bring yourself to the discussion). Let us know what you think–would you watch a video clip online?