Let This Day Not Go Unmarked

As we pivot from one season to a new season and the first rehearsal soon approaching later today of our 2010-11 opener, SOMETHING YOU DID, we know there is still so much to catch up on from the stunning success that was NEW JERUSALEM. We move from this…
to this

In so doing, we go from one incredible play and playwright to the next — both under the radar Off-Broadway achievements (“hits” would be too strong a word) during the 2008 season in New York, they each make their way to Theater J in what will prove to be wonderfully reconceived productions with content that is perfectly suited to Theater J’s character — and the soul of its audience.

In my next postings, I will play catch up on the boffo success that was our NEW JERUSALEM run, that closed on July 25 after 15 straight sold-out performances. We’ll discuss more of programmatic achievements of the post show discussions and peace cafe, and we’ll let you all about the plans to bring NEW JERUSALEM back! Back and How! How? When? We’ll tell you shortly. And finally we’ll report on NEW JERUSALEM’s trip to Cincinnati immediately after closing. A little jaunt to Cinci Shakes–Oh, what fun that was (I kid you not)!.

And then we’ll report on today’s rehearsal. And Willy Holtzman’s terrific presentation to us, with a sneak peak at his program essay which really nails this play’s raison d’etre.

In short, sorry for the backlog. We’re back blogging. Runaway successes have a way of holding one back from the imperative of reporting (we’re too busy stuffing in patrons into overflow balcony seats).

More soon!