New Jerusalem press round up to date

The box office success of NEW JERUSALEM: THE INTERROGATION OF BARUCH DE SPINOZA is one of the more staggering surprises of the summer. After all, it’s summer; we’re fried; we’re still warped in blues; why a stampede on the box office for this show now?

We’ll try to answer that in the week ahead. Meanwhile, these rapturous words have a lot to do with the intensity of the passion this show is striking. But more so comes from the work itself; the show’s engendering the kind of word-of-mouth that one more associates with FEVERS and Springsteen tickets. Only this is a 17th Century philosopher.

Read all about him, as rendered in our fabulous production of David Ives’ play, first in Peter Marks’ splendid review in The Washington Post.

Next there’s Trey Graham’s review in the Washington City Paper

Barbara Mackay in the DC Examiner

Most recently, a wonderful rave in DC Theatrescene by Ben Demers

This press is wonderful. But where oh where are the comments from our readers? So far, we’ve only heard from Kay Halpern. Go figure. Better yet, go write a comment!