More Zehra (as MIKVEH plays its penultimate performance)

SOLD OUT!!! That’s what MIKVEH was tonight. And much beloved by all as 80+ stayed for a Peace Cafe with Yael Luttwak, filmmaker of A SLIM PEACE. More on this in a next post. Meanwhile, a nice write-up of HEADSCARF AND THE ANGRY BITCH with four great pix. Read about it here.

Live DC: “Zed Headscarf and the Angry Bitch” @ Theater J
June 3, 2010
by Alan Zilberman

In Dakota’s coverage of the Capital Fringe fest last summer, some of the more memorable photos were of Zed Headscarf, a hijab-wearing prankster who assaulted Ra Ra Rasputin’s Brock Boss with a bottle of yet-to-be-determined lube. Zed is not a real-life lover of all things haraam, but the alter ego of playwright/performer Zehra Fasal, whose show Headscarf and the Angry Bitch won Best Solo Performance at last year’s Fringe. And for a one-night performance, Fasal reprised her role at Theater J, where she added new material to her already successful performance.

All photos by Graeme Shaw

With a playful reimagining of America’s “Horse with No Name,” Zed sets the tone almost immediately. Imagine Weird Al, except as a cute Muslim woman whose pop parodies detail Pakistani American life, not Amish Paradise. Zed’s songs are a small part of her outreach program, one in which she sets out to clarify any misunderstandings we the students may have. Though never seen on stage, it’s not surprising Zed’s employers question her methods. In her six “lessons,” Zed gently gibes the aspects of Islam that aren’t hip to Western minds, and cheerfully discusses the state of her reproductive system. Slowly the audience learns her playful irreverence has a deeper purpose. She wants to reconcile modern American life with the behavioral restrictions of her faith, and folk-rock parodies are a better outlet than, say, an earnest lecture.

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