More Madoff-Wiesel Press Than You Can Shake a Stick At!

Click here to read the Washington City Paper cover story:

The Washington Jewish Week has three articles, including an editorial. 

Here’s the feature:

a sidebar about the play:

and an editorial:

Then we go international:

More from the blogosphere:

More from the national Jewish press:

And in Israel:

And that’s enough! Although, as I told members of the Theater J Council and our Theater J staff:

The most important news, really, is that we love the NEW PLAY we’ve committed to in the place of IMAGINING MADOFF. That would be SOMETHING YOU DID, which we read privately over the weekend, the playwright delivering an extraordinary rewrite, major updates, a new surprise (and much better) ending, and still more great work to come. Love that. And also believe that we will be meeting up with Deb Margolin’s play when it’s ready for us to produce.

I believe our mandate to produce thought-provoking, important work has only been strengthened by all this coverage, and I’ll look forward to finding, with your help and feedback, many more stimulating, eye-opening, discussion-driving plays in the months and years to come.

Thanks to TJ and DCJCC staff, Council, and artists for standing with us.


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  1. I have a feeling that in all of this there is another play lurking somewhere – certainly one better than ‘Collected Stories’ 🙂

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