A New Season is Upon Us (2010-11)

Well, friends. We’re out in the Washington Post today. Jane’s done a wonderful job of gathering our information and distilling a 90 minute interview into 600 good words. We really have a lot to be appreciative for in Jane’s continuous commitment to covering the DC theater scene like it really matters — and it does, to her, to us, to thousands of readers and playgoers. So let’s hear it for Jane who, at long last sports the moniker, next to her name, of “Washington Post Staff Writer” — which wasn’t the case for all those many years of being a special stringer. What to upgrade, Post!

And here, then, is the season, which has kept us quiet way too long.

The Season Theme: Combustible Couplets. We move from this past year’s study of the resilient individual taking a stand against oppressive conditions (both social, political, and economic) to this new year’s focus on the relationship between oppositional twins; related opposites. Kindred cultures in electrified orbit, colliding & converging, mapping the mysteries of identity and the human adventure.

Want some specifics?

The new 2010-2011 season features 5 Offerings at Theater J • An Artistic Residency at Arena Stage • 1 Outrageously Special Holiday Event and our annual Voices From a Changing Middle East Festival featuring Incubator Workshop readings and presentations in addition to an anchor production from Israel.

Here’s the season:

october 23 – november 28, 2010

By Neil Simon
Directed by Jerry Whiddon
Featuring Rick Foucheux as Oscar Madison and J.Fred Shiffman as Felix Ungar

In this Tony Award-winning comic masterpiece, Neil Simon created two of the most memorable characters in the history of Broadway and broadcast television. With the help of four high-strung poker buddies and two British biddies coming in from upstairs, slovenly Oscar tries to mend his recently-divorced friend Felix’s broken heart. As the finicky friend moves in, hilarity breaks out.

december 18 – january 2, 2011


America’s favorite Dragapella Beauty-Shop Quartet brings their irreverent humor and pitch-perfect harmonies to DC just in time for the holidays. With gut-busting parodies and raucous shtick, Kinsey Sicks offers wholesome favorites like “I Had a Little Facial,” “Harried Little Christmas,” and ” ‘Tis the Season to Drink Stoli,”
“High camp, unafraid, subversive…astonishing.” 
San Francisco Chronicle

january 15 – 31, 2011

The Cameri Theatre production of
Adapted by Boaz Gaon
from the novella by Ghassan Kanafani
Directed by Sinai Peter
Part of Voices From a Changing Middle East

An extraordinary cross-cultural collaboration from the Israeli company that brought their kinetic Hamlet to DC in 2007, this heart-rending saga tells the story of Sa’id and Saffiyah who return to the home they fled during Israel’s War of Independence and learn the fate of the baby they left behind. Now a young soldier in the IDF, Dov meets his birth parents while cleaving to Miriam and Ephraim, the Holocaust survivors who raised him, as he contemplates his identity and his country’s future. Performed in Hebrew with English sur-titles. With Incubator workshop readings of new festival work throughout the month of February.

Check out this amazing Polonsky portrait – a first draft!

march 7 -27, 2011

Adapted and directed by Aaron Posner
Based on the novel by Chaim Potok
Theater J in residence at Arena Stage, Fichandler Theatre

The much beloved novel of two boys, two fathers, and two very different Jewish communities in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn. Set against the backdrop of WW II, Aaron Posner’s award winning adaptation introduces us to Reuven Malter and Danny Saunders, passionate, intelligent young boys on opposite sides of a baseball game. When Reuven is injured by Danny’s errant pitch, a unique friendship is born. Theater J is thrilled to offer this 10th anniversary staging of its own hit production as Arena Stage’s first local guest company in residence.
Featuring Associate Artist in Residence Rick Foucheux as Reb Saunders

march 23 – april 24, 2011

A New Play by Anna Ziegler
Directed by Daniella Topol

A funny and moving retelling of the unrequited life of one of the great female scientists of the 20th Century, Rosalind Franklin, and her fervid drive to map the contours of the DNA molecule. A chorus of physicists remember the trail-blazing, fiercely independent woman whose most stunning discovery was the beating of her own romantic heart. A beautifully imagined biography for the stage, this home-grown work was winner of the 2008 Stage International Script Competition For Best New Play About Science & Technology.

may 11 – june 12, 2011
MOSCOVICH OF NANTUCKET (title subject to tweaking!)
A World Premiere comedy
By Sam Forman
Directed by Shirley Serotsky

Affluent, anxious and at each other’s throats, the Moscows attempt some unusual family bonding over a Summer weekend on Nantucket. On the agenda are brisket, booze and a blowout confrontation between competing brothers who’ve avoided each other for years. A fast-paced new American comedy with its heart in Chekhov’s country, from the author of the Helen Hayes Award nominated, The Rise and Fall of Annie Hall.

Sound like fun? We’re very proud. Much more shortly!