Fauxklore Likes Kornbluth

The Warhols, not so much. But that’s okay. But Fauxklore gets the Kornbluthian humor, its discursive poignancy. Check out a new blogger in our world. And try your hand at it as well.

Just back from a short rainy weekend in Chicago for a most intense wedding. The facebook status update reads:

Well, Rachel Getting Married was AS eventful as the movie; at the height of the festive dancing, a Heimlich maneuver, then a tracheotomy performed by the bride and grooms colleagues – CPR – EMS – Then a pulse – Then the brides’ mom – my cousin – insulin shock! And can you believe, (most) everyone’s fine this morning? Hopefully. (Barry Dolan is the friend of Becky and Michael and he is in stable condition at Evanston Hospital this morning, so we here, as we arrive back in DC…

At the theater this afternoon. Come on down and join us for the 3 pm matinee and Josh talking with Chris Murray, founder and director of Govinda Gallery, on Andy Warhol…

7:30 Sunday night performance with cheap Rush Tix too.