Holding Back, Where We Been, Finding Voice, Onward with WARHOL

How to explain a full 4 weeks of blogging silence? Work. Overwhelming amounts of work. And lots of sensitive information about next season that we haven’t wanted to spill. Home rehearsals for WARHOL that were wild and crazy and so far over the map in terms of what we were experimenting with, we wanted to share less rather than more (and yet we then deprived ourselves of sharing the exhilaration when everything began to come together, thrillingly, in previews and then, as you’ll see below, on opening night); the insanity of two shows in rehearsal simultaneously. A degree of exhaustion as a result. And a smidgeon of self-censorship with some big Voices From a Changing Middle East plans still being determined for next season. And all the while, lots and lots of mini-blogging through status-updates on Facebook. Wanna read a compilation of the last month of facebook postings?

Let’s begin with March 1:

ANDY WARHOL = final week of rehearsal. IN DARFUR = first day of rehearsal. THEATER J = Happily Schizoid.

March 4:

My friend Peter’s speaking at Politics & Prose on Sunday @ 1. Here’s a brilliant piece in Huffington Post: “When you open our eyes to the fullness of yourself and the world, you have a responsibility to tell what you see. Not because your story is more important or terrible or wonderful than others, but because honest engagement with the world is the foundation of all morality. The telling of your story is the opposite of self-pity–it is the act of joining the human race, of accepting and appreciating your mortality, your responsibility to others, and the meaningfulness of your life.”

March 5:

A pretty great overview of the outline for an allegedly scriptless play. Guess what? There’s a script! And a great outline. Lo and behold: Structure! And with that, a show!
with a link to the Washington Post article: Josh Kornbluth’s one-man show at Theater J: ‘Andy Warhol: Good for the Jews?’ – washingtonpost.com

March 6:

First preview of Kornbluth on WARHOL tonight @ 8; tomorrow @ 3 with PWYC @ 7:30. Peter Birkenhead reading from GONVILLE at Politics & Prose Sunday @ 1. IN DARFUR sneak preview rehearsal reading at Washington Hebrew Congregation, Tuesday @ 7. All Good (and almost) All The Time.

March 9:

Final Pay What You Can Preview Tonight of Josh Kornbluth wacky wonderful take on ANDY WARHOL @ 7:30. The piece has come together so beautifully, but we need younger butts in the seats (aint that a true lament)! Opening Tomorrow Night!

March 10:

Kornbluth’s ANDY WARHOL opening tonight! 7:30! Who wants to crash?

Later on the evening of March 10, after the opening night performance:

Breakthrough! Nirvana! Kornbluth Finds God! Deatils at 11. Pandemonium at Post-Opening Reception. Salvation Still Possible. How Do We Know? Einstein Spoke. For the first time since Garbo. And Then Sang Harmony with Buber. The 10th Man in the Minyan – Golda Warbling in the back — a rightful place in this Pick-Up T…ribe. In short, Opening Night Ecstacy. And Relief. Need We Say More? (We said enough!)

Well that pretty much sums it up. In most schematic form. We’re waiting on the review in the Post. But here’s the ecstasy to come from DC Theatre Scene. Or as I wrote on March 11:

Amazing spirit in this review. I’ve just cried reading it.

Off to Chicago for a wedding this weekend. May have time to address some of the activities we’ve neglected writing about; the home rehearsals for WARHOL, the library reading of THE ADMISSION, the intense work we’ve been doing on IN DARFUR, which even has its own website, though nobody’s really writing on that one either! But expect us to make up for lost time. And to tell some more truth.

But know that this blog works better as a dialogue. And now just when nasty naysayers chime in, throw mud, and use unprintable invective. That’s happened. So have other unfortunate co-optings of this platform. But we’ve come to take back a little bit of free expression; our way of sharing important developments with you. And hopefully, we’ll return to the right kind of sharing here; with respectful give and take; a chronicle about the challenge and the joy of making this particular kind of art.

For more on this subject and other inspiring musings, see our KORNBLUTH on WARHOL — or ANDY WARHOL: GOOD FOR THE JEWS running for 11 more performances (and let me know what you think of the title).