Sunday Post-Show Panels – Two in One!

With the partial obliteration of last Sunday’s panel discussion on “Writing What You Know,” we’ve combined panelists/playwrights from last week’s session and this week’s “COMMUNITY CONVERSATION: New Writers and the (Not So) Same-Old Audience.” What we’re really talking about–and in our own way, artfully linking the two Sunday topics–is the challenge of producing New Work for a (not-so) Same Old [and not just OLD] Audience. But yes, tis a challenge: To produce plays by and about under 30-somethings for audience members–particularly Sunday matinee audiences–that skew twice that age. As writers, even when not writing about themselves, write at least, about the world they know, or the world they see, in a language they speak (which includes all them youthful turns of phrase, “like, y’know dude, whatever” and “ya think?”).

I’ll be making references to this important roundtable that took place earlier this week in Denver, Colorado on “Art, Culture and Politics” in “the Age of Obama.” Now talk amongst yourselves…

And stay tuned for our next Roundtable videos.


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