Lots More Awesome News – 5 Helen Hayes Noms and the first of some Good Ink (Post rave and a youthful blogger falls in love)

Nelson Pressley has two pieces in Tuesday’s Post – One on the Helen Hayes Award nominations, which were spread a bit more liberally about this season – with some coagulation in the usual artist’s corners – but less so institutionally, and so we’re pleased that three of our eligible shows received recognition — ZERO HOUR (one for Jim Brochu as outstanding lead actor in a non-resident production, and for the play/production itself for outstanding non-resident production) — LOST IN YONKERS (one each for Tana Hicken and for Holly Twyford–Holly receiving 3 different nominations in the same category!) — and one, perhaps most sweetly, for young Sam Forman’s THE RISE AND FALL OF ANNIE HALL (for the Charles MacArthur Outstanding New Play-or-Musical Award) — and we can’t help but shout praise for our good friends at Forum and especially Karl Miller–doing such marvelous work as David in THE FOUR OF US–who’s now up for two Best Actor Awards for Parts 1 and 2 of ANGELS IN AMERICA.

The other great piece of late evening news is this review, which has just come up on line, but the same Nelson Pressley, who actually saw Saturday night’s preview of THE FOUR OF US. Here’s a review that’s sure to trigger some curiosity about the show, especially with Liev Schrieber so prominently in the cultural news these days. Read on!

And here’s the sweetest blog posting in a while.

Theater J Friendship and Success

Last night’s opening of The Four of Us by Itamar Moses at Theater J at the DC-JCC provided me once again with an evening where I walk away appreciative of my good luck to live in a city such as Washington DC. The local theatre scene has grown so much, the audience, the talent that the city attracts that I can only hope the bad economy doesn’t bring it to a halt. Thank you to the donors and patrons who still make this all possible.

I knew nothing of the play or the playwright until last night although within the theatre world he is well known and acknowledged. Recent plays I have seen Phaedre and two Tom Stoppard plays were of a different era so to meet a young new talent is really exciting. The playwright like me is a fan of Stoppard’s work so he and I discussed Arcadia and Rock n Roll after the performance. The vocabulary of Moses’ play is of our times and the experience of the characters is of this age. Moses is talented and I am excited to see his work evolve as I have with Tom Stoppard. (My first Stoppard play was in London in the early 80s- The Right Thing starring Diana Riggs.) The themes – friendship, competition between friends, love, romance, relationships, sex, rejection, are classic however, only the test of time will prove the ability of this work’s content to be sustained in the future.

Directed by Daniel De Raey the actors and staging all work to great effect. A one act play approximately an hour and a half long with only two actors it was fabulous. Benjamin played by Dan Crane and David played by Karl Miller are both so talented that watching them is a true delight. The self-possessed Benjamin and by contrast the more bohemian David are a perfect point counter point to one another. The music, staging, and lighting were all beautifully integrated into the play as an element to smooth the transitions of time, space, and memory.

Simply, it is a story of two young men – one a playwright (David), the other an author (Benjamin).


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