Final Year-End Press Round-Up: Good News for Judy and “(the truly terrific) Theater J”

Here’s the final line from Moment Magazine and their online review by Sarah Breger, with the header, “A Gold Star for ‘Mommy Queerest’

“Gold ends with an impassioned plea for the legalization of gay marriage—it is one of the only serious parts of the whole production but it hits exactly the right tone and comes off as sincere and not self-righteous. The show kept me laughing the whole time, and even though the production is ending its run at (the truly terrific) Theater J, it is worth seeing on tour. And if Gold finally gets her own sitcom, I for one would watch it.”

And, in case you missed it in the year-end Top Ten lists, Theater J got its own shout-out from The Washington Post and Peter Marks. Here’s the whole bit:

SPECIAL CITATION: the staged readings of “Seven Jewish Children,” Theater J & Forum Theatre.
Theater J’s artistic director, Ari Roth, put Caryl Churchill’s provocative one-act play under the microscope, yielding up the year’s most illuminating examination of the juncture of art and propaganda.”