One More Reason To Give Thanks

Sent: Tuesday, November 24, 2009 7:58 PM

To: DCJCC Information

Subject: TheaterJ – Lost in Yonkers

At the suggestion of a friend, who’d seen the show, I bought a last minute ticket to LOST IN YONKERS and was in the audience on Sunday afternoon. I am sorry to say that it was my first visit to the restored JCC. Its a very inviting and well-maintained facility. The box office attendant asked if I was eligible for a senior price for my ticket. Should I be annoyed that she though I was older than I am – I’m 58? Or delighted that she wanted to give me the best deal that she could? LOL.

I make the comment about the senior discount because I believe it was the latter rather than the former and applaud anyone who tries to do their best for a customer. The other attendants were similarly customer friendly. The theater itself is welcoming and intimate. That, by itself, makes me want to attend future performances.

And the production? Its always hard to lose with a Neil Simon script. But wow! Maybe it wasn’t worthy of a Tony, but it was excellent. The set and costumes were perfect. All of the performers were at least very good, and three – the two female leads and the younger child – were superb. Kudos to TheaterJ.
Plus I had the good fortune to bump into a man during intermission who was my very good boss 20 some odd years ago! I’ll be paying more attention to what the JCC has to offer.

Attorney at Law

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What a great Thanksgiving gift to us! We so appreciate the feedback – everyone at Theater J works very hard to create a sense of community and family. We welcome you into the fold.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving holiday and we look forward to seeing you soon at the 16th Street J. Check out all our other programs at .

Until then,
Margaret Hahn Stern
Chief Operating Officer, Washington DCJCC
Creativity, Community and Connection—find it all at the 16th Street J—your Center in the City.

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Dear Margaret,

I mentioned my experience to a co-worker today who also saw the show last weekend. He agreed with my assessment. Throw that into your gift package!

People who do good work are too often under-appreciated. And others too often fail to express appreciation.