The last time I blogged from LA…

…I sat shiva with DAVID AND SHADOW AND LIGHT librettist (and friend), Yehuda Hyman for his mom and then blogged about the bittersweet sense of it all from my friend Greg Germann’s dining room. I’m heading there again in a few minutes. A year and a half ago, with that wonderfully ambitious, risky musical we were joyful about a run of an additional hundred tickets sold over the weekend (or something like that) as we licked our wounds over the critical divide that sealed DAVID’S disappointing (for now) fate and knew that, despite the little weekend spike in sales, the show would leave blood—and broken hearts—on the floor. And yet it was sunshine in LA, theater far behind, the vicissitudes of life lapping up against the shore as we strolled the Venice beach boardwalk, Greg and I, after paddle-tennis and yapping about middle-age, intersections, art, family…

It’s nice to be back and to hear and see the box office reports that Lost in Yonkers is SOLD OUT ALL WEEKEND! That’s right, another wonderful week of audiences, last night’s, apparently, laughing from the word go (or actually the word “hot” and in “I’m so hot!”) and leaping to their feet at the end. While Simon’s fate on Broadway has been indeed loudly lamented and might have even cut into our advance ticket sales—yes, it’s no longer the record breaking clip of early November—a sold out weekend is a sold out weekend and there’ll be only two more weeks to go.

We’re rolling out our first online ads with the Washington Post for Thanksgiving Week which promises to close out our run with a wonderful bang. So as we look at the surf, and commune with friends, and think about the times gone by and family and work and all that human stuff, it’s nice to remember that artists are hard at work back in DC, laying it all on the line emotionally every night, engendering real warmth and deep feeling every night.

Soon I’ll be posting some of my students’ reactions to YONKERS. They’re truly amazing and insightful. And we’ll have much more chance to hear from a special group of audience members this Wednesday with our Washington Hebrew Congregation member friends who’ll all have seen the play as we gather at a warm home to discuss the depths and the heights of the work with Rabbi Bruce Lustig, other Theater J Council members and myself as part of their L’Chaim series. So thrilled that 50 wonderful (and mostly brand new) friends of our theater will be sharing their impressions and getting to know us better.

And now, it’s off to tackle the freeways!