A Glimpse Behind The Scenes: Day #1 of Tech for LOST IN YONKERS

A superior collection of designers are now on the premises as we tech Neil Simon’s finest play with the finest DC actors, each perfectly suited for their respective role. In short, we’ve got a local Dream Team here (with one Philadelphia import!) and we couldn’t be more jazzed.

Here’s what gets sent out as a “To Do” List late at night after the production meeting. From our wonderful production manager, Delia Taylor, who writes:

Below are many of the items discussed last night (Thursday). The first three I hope to address today. The rest will be addressed in the upcoming days. Priorities will need to be established and assignments made as required.

* cut window sticks down to current height or 2″ less

* lubricate windows

* reverse shades

* back windows with black tulle

* darken door hinges (when open)

* LOCK SET front door with keys (Brass Knob)

* bead board for hallway outside front door

* lower chandelier approx. 8″ [no, we can’t “raise the set” — inside joke]

* sofa bed metal treatment

* sofa bed base cover treatment

* reseal floor (darken)

* carpet DR

* curtains 

* window seats

* pictures

* tack doilies

* secure borrowed carpet rolls

* theater paint notes (Maintenance)

* buy new AEA-mandated COTS backstage

* tap lights on prop tables

* ghost light (hell, let’s be traditionalists already!)


One thought on “A Glimpse Behind The Scenes: Day #1 of Tech for LOST IN YONKERS

  1. Just had a conversation with Allison Stockman about a major tech snafu at the previews for A Flea in Her Ear with doorknobs and hardware bought in the “cheap” bin at the Brass Knob. AJ went back the next day and replaced with knobs from the “good” bin.

    Now, of course they’re doing a slamming-door farce! So functioning doorknobs are highly important in their show, those babies are getting a workout.

    Looking forward to your show, too!

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