Satisfaction. Elation. Anticipation.

Seldom do we get the end-of-week opportunity to reflect on a super long stretch (in this case, 10 days dating from August 29 through September 7) and get to feel that we’ve lived fully, expressed our art fully, appreciated our loved ones fully, and embraced the future with gusto, making strides in the art, the content, and even the financial support and foundation of said art, in a way that leaves us not exhausted from the encyclopedic nature of the week that was, but, quite simply, exhilarated.

To review: Why bother? It’s all here–scroll below–on the blog; the previews, the staff retreat, the Season Sneak Preview (5 shows in our future unfolding on stage over half an hour), the Town Hall meeting (expecting vitriol, receiving warmth and good oomph), the start of classes, more post show discussions, the arrival of Kornbluth, the deep work on Warhol and a visit to the curator who brought the original Ten Jewish Portraits to Rockville in 1980, the rehearsals of MIKVEH, three money making performances over the weekend for ZERO HOUR after opening and wonderful notices, the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage for Josh and ANDY, three curtain speeches in a single Sunday and a post show chat with Aviva (Yoo Hoo, Mrs Goldberg) Kempner (with Piper Laurie coming to town tonight and on stage for a post-show talk-back this coming Wednesday), and the the great, moving, wrenching, loving, powerful MIKVEH at the Opera Theatre loge forum for an overflow capacity reading with a great group of women. Feeling good about every single one of these undertaking this week–this stretch that foretells the future. I think our hearts expanded this week. I think our base did too. I think we outran the cloud of controversy that unfairly hovered, and I think our Cash for Clunkers Subscription Program finally kicked in with big discounts and finally, at long last, big buy-in from a base that’s ready to commit and ready to embrace and ready to travel with us once again. It’s happening. The new season is starting to lift. And the grand ambition of gathering a great big community together in a heathy act of resisting despair and embracing range of expressiveness takes root and is rewarded.

I come home from the end of it all and am happy. And looking forward, with great anticipation, to what lies ahead. Guess I drank my own Kool-Aid today, eh?


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  1. A nice plug for ANDY WARHOL… on

    Ben Demers was able to see monologist Josh Kornbluth’s Andy Warhol: Good for the Jews?, a Theater J presentation. Here’s what he’s got for us:

    In his evolving monologue Andy Warhol: Good for the Jews?, performer Josh Kornbluth exposes his personal and professional struggles to find the deeper meaning within the lauded painter’s series “Ten Portraits of Jews of the Twentieth Century”. Kornbluth is simultaneously a comedian, art critic, and amateur psychoanalyst, weaving together little-known facts of Warhol’s life, salient achievements of the ten icons, and his own struggle with his Jewish cultural identity. The result is a series of hilarious, profound, and occasionally heartbreaking revelations. Although the show is still a work in progress, Kornbluth proves an affable storyteller who navigates the rough spots with a wry, disarming wit. Once finalized, Andy Warhol: Good for the Jews? should prove an entertaining and enlightening performance when it opens at Theater J iMarch 6th, 2010.

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