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A quick round up of new press coming in over the transom. Our August 31 Town Hall Meeting rates as a “love fest” in the Washington Jewish Week.

The Washington Post comes through with a lengthy (compared to some other recent) comprehensive review (“absolutely impeccable. If you close your eyes, you’ll swear you hear the Mostel of Brooklyn and Broadway, the late star who forever put a stamp on two of the plum roles of musical comedy’s golden age”) that we feel really good about.

Even more fortuitous is The Washington Times rave coming out at the exact same hour, on the exact same day as The Post piece. When’s the last time that happened? So we’re thrilled to welcome back Jayne Blanchard as a reviewer after she was unable to cover our last show. We agree that “Actor and writer Jim Brochu has the size — physical and emotional — of Zero Mostel in his funny and piercing one-man show, “Zero Hour,” playing at Theater J under the astute direction of actress Piper Laurie.”

Finally, Marilou Donahue of Artistically Speaking concludes, “It is deeply moving, laugh-out-loud funny and Brochu’s performance shimmers like gold. Don’t miss Zero Hour.”

Nice news to wake up to, no?


3 thoughts on “Happy Press

  1. Congratulations to Jim and the whole artistic, promotional and marketing team. You’re all worked so hard to bring attention to Zero Hour. And yes, this is great news to wake up to. BTW, the review in the Post is HUGE. It’s a gigantic above-the-fold article on page C2.

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